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Wade Twa


Residential Design and Renovation Consulting

Carrie and Mike worked on our renovation summer of 2015. Overall the level of service and the quality of their work was very impressive. They provided a lot of features in their design which enhanced our kitchen and living area space, making sure our home worked for our family and lifestyle.

They introduced us to numerous top notch contractors, especially the cabinet maker, we love our new kitchen cabinets and Carrie's bulkhead lighting idea!

Moreover Inside Out fees were reasonable and well worth every penny. They gave us so much valuable advice as we undertook our extensive renovation. They also went out of their way, spending a full day helping us pick the right materials that were reasonably priced. They also worked with our renovation company to ensure we stayed on budget. Mike went above and beyond by performing several project management duties to make sure the job was successful.

Thanks Mike and Carrie - we love our new and improved home!

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Byron Veilleux


Insideout completed a major renovation of our two story home, including kitchen and bath areas. We were extremely pleased with the interaction we had with the staff of Insideout. They went above and beyond in terms of time and effort that went into the consultation and execution of the renovation. The detailed design plan and documentation helped to keep our builder on time and scope. We love our new home and enjoyed the interaction with Insideout


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Jeff Shea


I am a contractor, owner operator of Shea Constriction and I have worked with In Side Out Design Studio on renovation projects. They are a pleasure to work with and are knowledgeable of current trends and design that the client is looking for. They make my job easier with their organization and schedules.


Tony Balakas


Mike and Carrie are an incredibly dynamic team and they compliment each other very well. They give big time results while maintaining the small/local company feel. Communication was easy and there were never any surprises. They followed through on every promise and time-line and even came in under budget. Honesty, integrity, talent, experience. What more could you ask for? I'm already planning more work with this co. on another property. Highly recommend.


Elina Viola

Carrie & Mike make a sensational team. Nothing stops them from landing a successful project.  was physically too small for my desired layout. Diligently, they measured and remeasured, then designed and redesigned to the conclusion that to My spaceaccomadateMike build the movable doors /walls himself. They are esthetically pleasing, design savvy, and my wishes, they came up with "movable walls" for the layout to work as a versatile space.extremelyfuntionalCarrie & Mike worked quickly and had all the answers from design issues, to building solutions, to technical rules and regulations.
They were always in a good mood, creative, and enjoyable to work with.

I highly recommend them!

Viola Pilates by design 


Stephen Clark


Great people to work with. I found their attention to detail and product knowledge to be meticulous. Something that you does not seem to be the norm these days. They provided such a great team of local skilled trades to work with us on our last project. Thanks again ISOYYC.


Vinny Lad


We first met Mike and Carrie through a good friend of ours becuase we wanted to get some work done on our house. We ended up engaing Mike and Carrie in my parents place to redevelop the basement. Our goal was to make the basement a legal secondary suite and have the space more functional. From the onset, they were great. They both had lots of ideas and took the time to really undertstand our needs. Mike was the hands-on expert with construction. He knew what would work and what would not base on the structure. Carrie was the expert designer with awesome concepts and ideas to really make good use of the space. Both Mike and Carrie took their services to the next level by also coaching us through the secondary suite application process and doing a bunch of research and due diligence to understand the risks & issues we could face. When we were pitching the application infront of city council, Mayor Nenshi was impressed with Mike and commented he was the first person that advised city councilors, by allowing secondary suites they are directly employing qualified contactors and subcontractors to ensure work is being done to code. My parents legal secondardy suite would not have been possible without Mike and Carrie's guidance and passion. We would certainly recommend them to whomever is taking their firststeps into the Secondary Suite Market!

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In short, awesome team and highly recommend!!! So professional, fun and very creative. Thank you so much Carrie & Mike & Team;)


We had an interior main floor and basement renovation done and we are so pleased that we proceeded. The concepts from Inside Out were amazing and we love our home again. We liked Carrie and Mike as soon as we met them. They hit everything on target and budget and REALLY provided amazing assistance to recover from a contractor that went sideways during the project. They were very accommodating with meeting because of our kids and I can go on...we can't say enough about Inside Out and how much we enjoyed the process from start to finish. We're having them and our general contractor and subs over to celebrate. ;)

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