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How to check if a secondary suite in Calgary is legal

CALGARY – The City of Calgary has made it simple for residents to figure out if secondary suites in their community are legal or not.

On Monday, officials announced the launch of a new secondary suite registry program which includes an online, searchable registry.

The tool allows Calgarians to enter an address or community to find verified suites.

“Registered secondary suite owners also receive a registered sticker that can be used to promote their suite to current and future residents,” said Cliff De Jong with the City of Calgary in a news release. “The individually numbered sticker corresponds to the suite’s address, which can be verified online.”

“Alberta’s building code requirements for secondary suites are important in protecting the public,” added De Jong. “The registry program allows Calgarians to verify if a home they are considering meets these requirements.”

Earlier this month, the city launched an 18-month development permit exemption to make it faster and easier to develop a basement suite where they are allowed, and where rules of the land use bylaw are met.

The exemption program aims to reduce barriers, like time and money, from developing a safe basement suite.



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