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Legal Secondary suite

We are excited to show our latest and greatest legal secondary suite development project.

[IN] SIDE ]OUT[ helped for design and applying for a building permit for the secondary suite development for the clients who are resident in SW of Calgary,

The contractor who was hired by client did amazing work according to our design plan. Which turned out supper great look !

Great opened kitchen looks amazing !

Under Alberta Safety code, window should be unobstructed, and it should be accessible and large enough for anyone to fit through.

This large window is not only fulfill the safety code but also gives enough sunlight and decent airflow !

The suite consists decent size of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with separate entrance. Now the client is all set to rent out this wonderful legal suite !

Having a legal secondary suite is huge benefit to homeowner especially downturn of economy, It could help paying your mortgage or other living expenses.

Click image below for more information about Legal secondary suites

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