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Tips to pick the paint colors

Change out the paint color is the easiest way to refresh your place !

Here are few tips to help to pick up paint color.

1. How about get to know about the trend color ?

Below is the 2017 trend color , picked by Benjamin Moor paint

click above image to find out more information

2. Consider the color psychology and determine the mood of a room.

Color can affect to feeling.

For example , red , orange and yellow are universally known as warm colors and the warm colors give feeling of warmth and comfort.

On the other hand, blue, green and purple are known as cool colors and these colors give a feeling of cool and calm.

3. Keep in mind the light type in a room

Natural sunlight :

These lights bring out the truest color.

So, sun exposure of the room should be considered to pick up the paint color.

  • North-facing lights add blue to a color.

  • South-facing lights add yellow-white to a color and can have a wash out effect.

  • East -facing lights add green to a color.

  • West - facing lights add warmth and an orange tinge to a color.

Incandescent lighting :

Warm, yellow-amber light of these bulbs brings out orange and yellow tones. Fluorescent:

Cool, and sharp light effect to color to appear blue and green tones.

4. Use color fan decks

Fan decks help to find the color schemes

You can create color combinations the way interior designers do.

It is arranged by color family featuring various shades and intensities of the same hue on strips

5. Try out with online tool

There are many online tool, and Apps to help visualizing.

It is one of the fun way to pick up the paint color!

Images from Click above image to find out more information

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