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Tips to pick up a Dining Table

Shopping for a dining table?

Here are few tips to help you to choose a perfect fit dining table for your home.

First, measure your dining space. It is important that you know the square footage of your dining space to make sure you have comfortable space to walk around when the table is placed.

Tip. A clearance between the edge of the table and the wall or nearest physical obstruction is between 36” to 42”


image from Wayfair

Shape is effecting a lot for function and the mood of the space.

A rectangle table is ideal for large spaces and good for serving large groups of people.

For a small space, a round table or a banquette style is ideal choice to accommodates more people in a limited amount of space and at the same time, it gives classic and unique style to the space.


image from Wayfair

Style is also important. Consider your home’s general décor and mood and choose the one that is cohesive with your home’s atmosphere.

If your home décor style is modern you may want to step away from curved detailed wood table.

image from Wayfair

Dining room is not only for a space for meal but also a space creating good memories and entertaining your valued guests. Keep in mind few tips above and choose a perfect dining table that suits for your home.

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